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Back on track

15 Aug

Not sure if any of you ladies (or men) do this, but I always proclaim the week of my birthday “Birthday Week”. This year birthday week didn’t start until Thursday, the actual date of my birthday. Birthday week means I pretty much get my way and get to do whatever I want. This year was fairly tame. I did however eat some crappy food. Over the course of four days I had two brownies, four peanut butter cookies, an Oreo Brownie Earthquake, a brownie sundae, two Cheese and Chile tamales from Trader Joes, and a whole bag of  BBQ Pop Chips. 😦 Not good. It’s even embarrassing writing it all out.

But today I’m back on track! I made a mixed berry/banana smoothie.

Mixed Berry/Banana Smoothie

1 cup mixed frozen berries

1 cup soy milk

Couple splashes of coconut water

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Handful of spinach

1/2 tbsp flax meal

1/2 tbsp chia seeds

I ate half this morning with a piece of toast with PB. I was famished because I wasn’t allowed to eat until an hour after I woke up! We had a life insurance physical this morning and had to fast. When she was taking my blood, I honestly almost threw up (and I wasn’t even looking!).

Lunch…Well I was planning on just eating some soup with mixed greens, chicken and raspberry vinaigrette. Then I remembered a delicious chicken salad sandwich I had for lunch last week. I decided to imitate it but make a healthy version. I took some grilled chicken (I would say four ounces) and chopped it into small pieces. I put a small spoonful of Fage into a bowl with equal amounts of Saffola Mayonnaise and stirred it together. Then I added about a tablespoon or two of Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans. I didn’t have any celery since I was at work but I plan on adding it tomorrow. I mixed it all together and tossed it onto some mixed greens. To up my veggie content, I had a bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. YUM! I loved using the Sahale mix in the salad because it added SO much flavor.

Can't wait to eat this again tomorrow!

I snacked on some Trader Joe’s Omega Trail Mix and some Fage with blueberries. I had a gigantic migraine starting from about 1pm on. I thought I was just hungry but after eating the yogurt and berries, it didn’t help. The last thing I wanted to do was make dinner when I got home. But since we are going on vacation next week I didn’t want to spend any money, and I didn’t want to end up eating something that wasn’t good for me. I stuck with my original plan to make Thai Lime Chicken and some Trader Joe’s Frozen Grilled Asparagus. I wasn’t so impressed with this recipe. There was just something missing…I’m thinking it needed a coating of egg white first and maybe some bread crumbs mixed in with the peanuts. I’ll have to try that next time because I wouldn’t make this as is again. I also decreased the amount of garlic powder because that was way too much. I didn’t need to taste it to know that! I decreased it to the same amount as the ginger. Dessert was a nectarine.

I still have a migraine but I do feel better after I ate healthy all day. The gallon of water I drank today helped as well. Plus, I wanted to be prepared for another Jari Love video tomorrow morning. Time for some body pump! I am off to put a cold washcloth on my eyes and lay down. Enjoy your night!


The Little Things

28 Jul

Today is much better. 🙂 Today is one of those days where the little things make me happy. Like when Edie gets done with our four mile speed work run and starts running around the yard like a maniac when we get home. It’s like she didn’t expend all her energy so she has to get it out real quick before we go inside for the day. Or when the big washer in the Laundromat next to the bank starts going and my chair starts vibrating. It makes me giggle. The first time I felt it I thought it was an earthquake. But the thing that got me smiling the most today was hearing the WTF news on the radio this morning. Apparently there is a couple in Las Vegas who have to change their personalized license plate because it’s too offensive….and it says “LMAO AT U”….The policeman said it was vulgar and derogatory because they are “laughing at you”. Really? Really? Don’t you think there are bigger problems in Las Vegas? I just thought that was hilarious.

After running this morning, I had another Banana Berry Omega with some toast and PB. I have been craving nuts and nut butters ever since yesterday. I don’t know what it is. Maybe my body is telling me I need more healthy fats. For a snack at work an employee made banana bread, because apparently she has ESP and knew I’ve been craving banana bread for a week. I had one piece which was perfect. I still might try to make some this weekend. Since my nut craving has been so strong I went to the market and bought these since I forgot my Trader Joe’s mix at home.


They are actually pretty good and it’s nice to have that little bit of dark chocolate in there. There are pretzels in the mix which were nice and salty but I felt if there were more nuts rather than the pretzels it would keep me fuller longer. Lunch was short, with a Turkey Stuffed Pepper, since I left early to go to our HR Manager’s retirement party.

It was warm today and I was exhausted (could’ve been the glass of wine I had at the party) so I ran to the grocery store and got some Jennie-O Italian Turkey Sausages for dinner. Then I made a BAS (Big Ass Salad).

Mmm, spinach. Topped that baby off with candied pecans, cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette.

Oh and remember that Trader Joe’s European Yogurt? Turns out European means the consistency is much thinner. I would say it’s in between kefir and yogurt. It tasted darn good but it needed something else besides blueberries. I bought some peanut butter granola made by a local company to mix in.

I love Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies (more about this tonight) so I knew the granola would be delish! Let’s just say it did not disappoint, and I might have the Hub hide it so I don’t eat it all.

I FINALLY got my BHG in the mail from my mum. She gave me a gift subscription for moving into our new home. I am so excited! My grandma gave one to my mom every year, and we are carrying on the tradition. Well I am off to peruse through this gem.