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It’s baaaacccckkkk……

11 Sep

Well, football season is back. I finally wrestled my laptop back from the hub so I could do some blogging. Apparently he can’t go into the “Man Cave” to update or check his fifty Fantasy Football Teams.

My mom is here, trying to help me get things done for our housewarming/reception this Saturday. She is also trying to help me calm down and de-stress, which is probably not going to happen. Things are pretty stressful at work and I want to make everything perfect for the party (which I am well aware is not possible). I know I do it to myself. Thankfully working out helps alleviate stress (as do wonderful talks from my wise husband).

On Saturday I had a run, the Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15k. It’s been unseasonably hot in Bellingham this past week, and the temperatures got into the 80s on Saturday. The last race I did when it was this warm, I did not do so well. I went a lot slower than I planned so I was prepared to not meet my normal time. The run was pretty and followed some similar streets as the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon (it’s in two weeks!). I had my Aquapods on and used the water stations to pour water on my head numerous times. I was doing better than I thought for a good portion of the race, a pace of 9:00 to 9:30. Of course, that didn’t last. The last two miles I slowed down to the tens because I was just so hot. I remember seeing the leader running past the six mile mark when I was at the three. He was running about a 5:11 mile pace. WOW. I ended up finishing at 9:49 per mile, which I was quite pleased with.

My mom and the hub came to cheer me on at the end. A friend of ours from work ran too and he was cheering at the finish line for me. 🙂

Me and the hub (he's pretending to touch me but he's not because I'm drenched with sweat and water)

The rest of the weekend was filled with errands, breakdowns, some tears, and good food. I will be back tomorrow with a review of the tea and spices from Spice Hut.

But before I sign off, I want to give a piece of this blog to remember 9/11. As I’m typing this, I’m getting tears in my eyes. We’re watching 9/11: Ten Years Later. I can’t even imagine what any of the people in New York went through. There are things I’m finding out that I never even knew. I think it’s because at the time I didn’t want to know all the details. Ten years ago, I was a junior in college at Western Washington University, thousands of miles away from my parents in Minnesota. I couldn’t handle it. But now I am ready to hear the stories and honor their memories. And I will never forget.


Four Races in Two Months..Uh…

16 Aug

So I did something a little silly and quite ambitious…I signed up for four races that will take place over September and October. Granted, two aren’t half marathons, but that’s still a lot of running. I have every confidence I’ll be able to do it, but I just have to make sure I keep up the weight lifting and cross training to prevent injury.

Race number one is Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15k. I’m particularly excited about this one for two reasons. First of all, I know the owner of Fairhaven Runners and he is one of the nicest people I know. The store has the best customer service and they match you up with the perfect shoe for the way you run. In fact, I’m going there next week and I’m devoting a whole post to their process! Secondly, my nephew’s birthday is September 11th, which is the around the date this race is every year. This is the first time I’ll be running it.

Race number two is the one I’ve currently been training for, The Bellingham Bay Half-Marathon. This is the second half marathon I ever ran and it is a great course. There aren’t too many hills, the fans are great, and the scenery is spectacular.

After the race with my #1 fan

Race number three was a great cause that I couldn’t pass up. I’m running the Lake Padden Trail Classic for the Anna Brulotte Memorial Foundation. Anna was hit by a car why crossing the street in a marked crosswalk with her mother by a distracted driver. She passed away at two years old. The day Anna was hit, I took an unpaid day off of work to go search for missing college student Dwight Clark. The press from Seattle was following us all day until we heard a cacophony of sirens. I heard the reporter say, “Someone was hit. We have to go.” I didn’t imagine it would turn out the way it did. I wanted to help because the memorial is something I believe in; too many people drive distracted with dangerous consequences. Running a half marathon on some of my favorite trails is an added benefit.

Race number four is from the bucket list. I’ve always wanted to do the Warrior Dash so when a friend of mine mentioned she was doing the Gladiator Rock ‘N Run in Seattle and asked if I wanted to join, I jumped at the chance. When else am I going to run a 5k through tires, climb a cargo net over a cargo container, dodge a wrecking ball, and dangle on monkey bars over a muddy pit?!

This morning I ate the rest of my Mixed Berry/Banana Smoothie with some toast and PB. Oh and can’t forget the supplements and Rooibos Chai!

Minus the smoothie pic because it's in an old water bottle

I had some more Trader Joe’s Omega Trail mix for a snack along with cottage cheese, blueberries and a little Kashi Go Lean on top. Lunch was a repeat from yesterday too. Dinner was impromptu since I had to close tonight and work was ridiculously busy. I took some Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken put it between some whole grain sandwich thins with olive tapenade and spinach. I also steamed some spinach on the side for extra veggies. It was really tasty and took only five minutes.

I did another one of Jari Love’s videos (more about that tomorrow) and now it’s time for bed; after I finish crying from laughing too hard at Tosh.O.