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What’s in a name?

16 Jul

With all my creative talents, I thought picking a blog name would be easy. Turns out, not so much. I had difficulty creating the name for my Etsy shop when I began making jewelry as well. Apparently I’m not so good with names, being that they are a little more permanent and you can go back and fix them if it’s not right, like you could with a knitted blanket or a pair of earrings.

However, I am quite pleased with Bay Bay Bites. Bay Bay comes from “A Bay Bay” by Hurricane Chris. The first night my husband and I realized there was a spark between us this song was constantly playing. It became my nickname and has just stuck. Bites, well that just fits in perfectly because I love to eat. Ever since I was younger I’ve been obsessed with food. At times, it’s been an obsession in the other direction where I probably wasn’t eating as much as I should. Now that I’m out of the highly self conscious period of my life, my weight has gone up to a point where my BMI is considered overweight, 26.4, and I weigh too much for my height, 140 pounds at 5’1. It’s important for me to balance my love of food, manage my stress in a healthy manner, and loose some weight.

I’ve never really had a problem exercising, which is probably why I haven’t gained weight until the past few years. The big issue has been food, so that is why I created Bay Bay Bites. I will be recording most of my food intake and exercise (and a little random info in between). I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to starting this new adventure.