Top Five Reasons I Love My Husband

7 Oct

I’m sure you can infer from the title that this post isn’t really about food or exercise, but having a great relationship with your spouse is definitely something that contributes to your health. Since the past week has been pretty busy between work and migraines (my back and neck pain are acting up again), I decided to write something more uplifting. I also don’t want to bore you with the lack of exercise and consumption of crackers! So here it is–the top five reasons I love my husband.

1) His humor

My husband can always make me laugh, no matter how grumpy I’m determined to be. Not only that, but he also understands my sense of humor.

2) His kindness to me and everyone around him

Before we began dating, we were friends. I was in a situation where I didn’t always have access to a car. Nathan would bring me home after work, offer to drive me to soccer, and haul me around to run errands. He is also always willing to help others at work and his friends. I’ve never heard words come out of his mouth that were mean to hurt or injure someone (unless it involves bad drivers or video games!).

3) His random gifts and surprises

Since we’ve been together I’ve received flowers and animals crackers at my apartment I lived in alone (left there by him when he was on his lunch), Sex and the City: The Movie bought for me on the day it came out, flowers at times when I’ve had a rough day left in sinks in all the places we’ve lived in, my favorite childhood movie that is hard to come by (Meet Me in St. Louis), and most recently tickets to an event where we can eat cupcakes seen on the show Cupcake Wars. Some people may scoff at this and say, “Wow, that’s not much,” but to me, it’s everything. The fact that my husband knows the exact moment when I need something to cheer me up, and the exact thing that will help, means the world to me.

4) His Smile

Enough said. 🙂

5) His support

Nathan supports me in everything I do. This does not mean he agrees with everything I say or do, but he always has my back. I tend to have lots of ideas and projects, and can sometimes go a little nuts. Nathan helps me sort through them, and pick the realistic aspects. He helps me achieve my goals. He doesn’t tell me I can’t do something. He always believes in me.

I couldn’t be more grateful for having him in my life.

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