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Guest Blog on Fit For Moms

30 Oct

I’m on a quick morning break at work, so I will make this short and sweet. I have a guest blog over on Kayla and I played soccer together in high school and she’s always had a commitment to health and fitness. Her blog even includes an interview with runner Kara Goucher! I’ll be posting a blog from Kayla later this week, but in the meantime check out my post which includes a new recipe for Chicken Taco Soup that can be ready in under 30 minutes.

Have a great Tuesday! And don’t forget to comment on the Halloween Giveaway post for a chance to win a necklace.

Halloween Giveaway!

29 Oct

I am quite proud of myself for my accomplishments this morning. It was pouring rain when my alarm went off. If you are from the great Pacific Northwest or have ever lived here, you will know it tends to rain in the fall/winter. And I will certainly workout in the rain. But I will not run in a torrential downpour, which is what it was doing at 5:45am. I hit snooze, trying to think of workouts I could do inside (but then the poor dogs suffer). By the time my alarm went off again, I could tell the rain had let up so I popped out of bed. I ran with the girls, did a 20 minute HIIT workout, and ten minutes of yoga stretches. It was all worth getting a little wet.

But, on to the juicy stuff. I am giving away a Skull and Crossbones necklace from my Etsy shop for Halloween! I thought this would be the perfect spooky/funky item for the occasion. What are your favorite October/Halloween traditions? How do you celebrate the season? Comment below with an answer to one of those questions and you’ll be entered to win! I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday, October 31st at 8pm. Don’t miss out!

Indulgent Vacation

28 Oct

I’ve been on vacation for a week and was busy at work so I apologize for the lack of posts. But boy did I need this vacation, and was it indulgent. I had some of this–

Chocolate Mousse Cake infused with Blackberry Liqueur

And a little of this…


Chocolate Chip Pie

And a LOT of this…

Visited seven breweries!

We went on a trip to Bend, OR which has over twelve craft breweries in the area. They also have many parks, hikes, water sports, and biking trails. We pretty much partook of the food, beer, and hiking.

For as active as we were, I still feel like I overindulged. It could be the beer, since I don’t drink very much and the desserts, since I typically don’t eat them. But this week it’s back to the grind and back to a regular schedule.

This week, I’m following the latest issue of Clean Eating Magazine. They include a two-week meal plan with each issue. I substitute some things out and switch a few things around so I’m not cooking so much, but I try to follow it pretty closely. One snack called for some gluten-free crackers, which I love but can be very pricey. After all the shopping and traveling we did on vacation, I wanted to give my wallet a rest. Also, after googling for recipes, I came across one where I only needed to buy one thing–everything else was in my pantry.

I found this recipe from Oh She Glows, and was quite pleased. Instead of putting in the thyme and rosemary, I used one and a half teaspoons of Herbs De Provence. If you’ve never tried it, you must! I bought mine from Cost Plus World Market and it contains a perfect blend of marjoram, savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, fennel and lavender. When I am cooking healthy, I try to pack as much flavor as I can into every bite. This way, I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not eating the real thing. I tried some of my crackers with some string cheese for a midday snack. After making the crackers, garbanzo beans (from their dried form), and steel-cut oats for the week, I needed a little pick me up.

I still have some Bulgur Chicken Stew leftover in my freezer for two lunches this week. I also have a Chicken Taco Soup I whipped up last night for lunch tomorrow. I’m saving that recipe for a guest post that will hopefully come out within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Dinners will include salmon with steamed spinach, a veggie spaghetti, and turkey burgers. If you would like more details, recipes, or meal planning, check out the November/December edition of Clean Eating Magazine. You can also go straight to their website and download some older meal plans at this link.

Get everything prepped today for a fun easy week! Enjoy.

Also, take a look at my new header! Thanks to Bestie Lelia for the sweet hookup!

Back Pain/Neck Pain/Migraine Issue Solved!

8 Oct

Well, I’m embarrassed to even write about my morning. Mainly because everything that happened was because of me, and not external forces. I called the doctor’s office at 8am to make an appointment today since my migraines have been getting worse. The first time I called, the woman who answered accidentally hung up on me. No big deal, just call back, right? But I was fuming since I had to wait another 15 minutes on hold while other people were booking appointments. I finally got in touch with someone and scheduled an appointment for 10:40am.

I went to hop in the guest shower so I wouldn’t wake up my husband (perks of being bankers–we get random holidays off!). Well, that didn’t work out so well. The shower in the guest bath was too hot, so I turned it down. Still too hot. I turned it down further, still too hot. After turning it down more it got ice-cold. I went through this several times, never getting it to a reasonable temperature. Instead of calmly turning off the shower and going to the master bath, I threw a fit. Cursing and yelling, I stomped into the master bath, waking my husband and probably everyone else in the neighborhood.

After arriving at the doctor’s office for my appointment, the receptionist started asking some suspicious questions. Finally she said, “Your appointment is Wednesday.” Uh…no, it’s today. I just lost it, and luckily for the receptionist and my reputation, that meant crying. She ended up booking an appointment for me later today with another doctor.

I cried most of the twenty-minute trip home and for about another five minutes to my husband. I’m sure, at this point, you are all thinking what’s the big deal? Well, after being in pretty much constant pain for two months, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I dragged Nathan with me to the doctor, and I’m so glad I did. After doing an examination, the doctor could tell it was purely muscle issues, and since I’ve had x-rays, he knew there was nothing wrong with my neck or spine. He asked if I get stressed. Nathan was more than happy to answer that question, and as I’m sure you can tell from my morning, the answer is a resounding YES. The doctor said the area hurting was from tension, and it’s caused by stress. He then asked me how I handle stress, and I told him by running, which I clearly can’t do now. He suggested I try walking and keep up with yoga. The yoga is something I really need to keep at but is one of the things I drop if my day becomes busy or hectic. I feel bad getting home from work and shutting myself in a room for an hour. But if it will help reduce my pain and contribute to me being a functioning person who doesn’t get upset by the smallest things, I need to do it.

I think women often put themselves last. We get home and want to cook a good meal for our family, spend time with our husbands, and help everyone else. But if we can’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our families. I think we often see it as being selfish. But how selfish is it to take an hour a day to yourself when the benefits will linger on for much longer than an hour?

So goals for this week–

-Walk at least 20 minutes in the morning with the dogs

-Do a half an hour of yoga after work

-Meditate for 10 minutes a day

This is my prescription readers, so hold me to it!

What do you do to reduce stress? Any other tips? 

Nature always calms me

Top Five Reasons I Love My Husband

7 Oct

I’m sure you can infer from the title that this post isn’t really about food or exercise, but having a great relationship with your spouse is definitely something that contributes to your health. Since the past week has been pretty busy between work and migraines (my back and neck pain are acting up again), I decided to write something more uplifting. I also don’t want to bore you with the lack of exercise and consumption of crackers! So here it is–the top five reasons I love my husband.

1) His humor

My husband can always make me laugh, no matter how grumpy I’m determined to be. Not only that, but he also understands my sense of humor.

2) His kindness to me and everyone around him

Before we began dating, we were friends. I was in a situation where I didn’t always have access to a car. Nathan would bring me home after work, offer to drive me to soccer, and haul me around to run errands. He is also always willing to help others at work and his friends. I’ve never heard words come out of his mouth that were mean to hurt or injure someone (unless it involves bad drivers or video games!).

3) His random gifts and surprises

Since we’ve been together I’ve received flowers and animals crackers at my apartment I lived in alone (left there by him when he was on his lunch), Sex and the City: The Movie bought for me on the day it came out, flowers at times when I’ve had a rough day left in sinks in all the places we’ve lived in, my favorite childhood movie that is hard to come by (Meet Me in St. Louis), and most recently tickets to an event where we can eat cupcakes seen on the show Cupcake Wars. Some people may scoff at this and say, “Wow, that’s not much,” but to me, it’s everything. The fact that my husband knows the exact moment when I need something to cheer me up, and the exact thing that will help, means the world to me.

4) His Smile

Enough said. 🙂

5) His support

Nathan supports me in everything I do. This does not mean he agrees with everything I say or do, but he always has my back. I tend to have lots of ideas and projects, and can sometimes go a little nuts. Nathan helps me sort through them, and pick the realistic aspects. He helps me achieve my goals. He doesn’t tell me I can’t do something. He always believes in me.

I couldn’t be more grateful for having him in my life.