What is your purpose? Super Soul Sunday on OWN

30 Sep

Since I have quite a bit of food stored up in the freezer for next week (including my Bulgur Chicken Stew and curried chickpeas with quinoa), I had a free Sunday. I spent a majority of the time watching football with my family (the in-laws came up), and reading Lauren Groff’s new book Arcadia.

But there was just a little something missing today. The night before we went to the casino and I won $200 at a Sex and the City slot machine.


This certainly made me happy since I never win at the casino. Then my husband won $100 on another slot machine. After that we went to the buffet at the casino and then to the bar for a drink. I will have to admit, I did not keep up with my clean eating this weekend, and now I’m paying for it. I feel lethargic, I have a headache, and I just feel bad. But rather than beat myself up over it, I just have to start anew right now.

Since I was feeling off, I thought I would watch a show that always cheers me up and gets me thinking. As you k now from one of my posts last week, I’ve been slightly obsessed with Oprah lately. I’ve been DVRing her Super Soul Sunday shows for weeks now. This particular show featured Caroline Myss. I’d never heard of her, but as I’ve learned from watching many an Oprah show, that was no reason to write her off.

Caroline focuses on spirit (as she describes it, spirit is the hope in you, the part of your mind that won’t give up hope) and  your own path in life. Within the first fifteen minutes of the episode, I had light bulbs going off everywhere. One particular quote I liked was, “If you have life, you have purpose.” I’ve often thought, “Why am I here? What is my purpose for being here? Am I living the life I was supposed to?”

Caroline believes we each have a purpose in our life, but some people don’t know their purpose? Oprah was asking, “How can you not know your purpose?” They discussed that in this time period in our society, we tend to get lost. We want to live someone else’s life, someone else’s purpose.

This really struck a cord with me, as it was a topic I discussed with a dear friend of mine a couple weeks ago. We don’t live near each other, but have known each other since middle school and try to connect as much as we can. I was telling her about my frustrations about not being happy but not knowing the reason. She was sharing her challenges with me. But after watching this episode of Super Soul Sunday, I realized the things that were problematic for us, were things that aren’t necessarily “ours”. They were things that belonged to other people, and were perhaps part of their purpose. For example, I was telling her about my frustration that we weren’t ready to have children yet, and I was feeling a little lost in my goals for the future career-wise.

It all goes back to the quote Iyanla said on Oprah’s Lifeclass, “Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against oneself.” My friend and I were comparing our lives to others, when that wasn’t even our purpose. Lightbulb!

How do you get to your life’s purpose? Caroline Myss says, “Have no judgments about yourself, no expectations, and give up the need to know what happens tomorrow.” WOW. It’s like a big red flag telling me to LIVE IN THE PRESENT. I’ve heard this for weeks now, and been reading it for the same amount of time.

I caught myself doing it today when I was relaxing with my family this morning. I kept thinking, “I should really test that pumpkin protein pancake recipe for my blog now. I should make some tomato soup since I have all those tomatoes in the fridge. I should be watering the plants.” I caught myself doing it, and stopped! I said to myself there was plenty of time left in the day and if not, there is always tomorrow. I have plenty of food in the fridge and freezer to get me through the week. There is nothing else that I “should” be doing or “have” to be doing. I can choose to do those other things or I can choose to relax with my family. I chose my family.



One Response to “What is your purpose? Super Soul Sunday on OWN”

  1. Dad September 30, 2012 at 7:23 PM #

    What a great entry on your blog! I should take your advice!

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