28 Sep

If fall lasted all year long, I really don’t think I would mind. Don’t get me wrong, summer is great! But fall has those great temperatures in the 60’s, gorgeous colors, crisp air, and that smell. I can’t even describe it, but you can just smell fall in the air.

Fall also means craft season for me! This summer I reupholstered a bench at our house, made some pillows and a dog bed, but football Sunday gives me plenty of time to knit, crochet, scrapbook, and sew.







Birdie Pillow

My husband literally dominates the TV all Sunday, and watches almost every game. He doesn’t leave the house, and it’s actually a miracle if he sets foot outside! But it’s nice because I can take the day for me. I get food ready for the week, read, and craft. Today on my lunch break I bought a plethora of yarn for some projects. As I mentioned before, quite a few people I know are pregnant right now or just had babies. I decided to knit all the moms-to-be this adorable little owl.


I also recently finished this sweater for my friend’s brand new little boy, Jackson.

Knitting (or really any craft project) is great when you are trying to keep fit. I know that may sound a little strange, but it honestly helps. If I’m watching TV and knitting, I can’t be eating. My mind and my hands are occupied. I find sometimes when I’m in the middle of a knitting or sewing project, I can’t stop until I’m done. This prevents me from mindlessly snacking. My self-esteem is also boosted because I can say, “Look what I created!” When I am happy and feeling good about myself, I treat myself better with good food and exercise.

Since I plan on starting some crafts tonight, a quick dinner is in order. I discovered a Greek Chicken Burger recipe from the show Drop Five Pounds with Good Housekeeping. I decided to try it, even though my husband is the world’s pickiest eater. Turns out, this is one of his new favorite recipes! Instead of putting my burger into a pita, I crumble it on top of mixed greens or spinach. Then I use the minty yogurt sauce as my dressing.

Off to craft! Enjoy your Friday evening.


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