What Did You Accomplish Today?

24 Sep

Mondays…they often feel like such a challenge. But instead of complaining about it, I decided this morning, I was going to grab Monday by the you-know-what! I posted this status update to my Facebook page, “Happy Monday! Think of all the possibilities and things you can accomplish this week!” It really put me in a better mood. I started to think of all the adventures, challenges to face, obstacles to overcome. I’ve been in a very mundane mood lately. Get up, go to work, go home, make dinner, go to bed. I’ve been focusing on the monotony and not the great things, like the way the fog looked on my walk this morning. Or how good I felt after doing a workout this morning. Or how comforting it is to have a pup lay by your side. Or how my husband makes me laugh every day.


Enjoy the scenery!

To change my attitude around, I’ve been retraining my brain to think positive. I read an article recently about a psychologist who recommended treating that negative voice in your head like the mean girl in high school who wants nothing but bad things to happen to you. I’ve also started saying daily affirmations, which I thought sounded a little hokey at first, but I think they honestly work. You are training that negative voice in your head that says, “You’re stupid!” to say “You are smart!”

I’ve also learned that you won’t get as much affirmation at work or home that you would like. So instead of relying on other people to lift me up, I’m going to rely on myself. At night, I think of three things I did well at work and I e-mail them to my work e-mail. That way, I’m thinking about it right before I go to bed and it’s one of the first things I see in the morning.

As far as accomplishments, I got a lot done today at home and at work. This morning I took the girls on a 30 minute walk, and did some mybarre3 workouts at home. If you haven’t tried this workout, I highly recommend it. It helps with your posture, gives you a great stretch, gets you toned, and is quite challenging! This is my primary method of toning besides yoga with my back injury, and I feel like my back is getting better. My muscles aren’t as tense all the time and I wake up less sore. Right now I’m just doing 10 minutes of toning per day and 10 minutes of stretching. After I do this for a few weeks, I’ll move up to 20 minutes, etc. mybarre3 has monthly subscriptions you can purchase if you don’t have a studio in your area. The price is $15 a month and you get access to 40 workout videos ranging in time from 10-60 minutes. They even have pregnancy and post-pregnancy videos!

Did you accomplish something that surprised you or made you proud? Please share!

Have a wonderful evening!


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