18 Sep

How do you begin a blog post when you haven’t blogged in nine months? That’s a good question. Well, I can bring you up to speed.

–In January we adopted a dog from a shelter. They said she was a labradoodle, but I think she’s a poodle/terrier. Her name is Eve.


–In February I switched branches, and I now work in the same branch as my husband. I also work closer to home which is a big plus for the girls and our gas budget.

–In March we went to visit my parents, and I met my new sister, Greta.


–Sometime in the spring I was having some severe stomach pain. My doctor sent me to the ER because he was worried it was my appendix. After waiting all day, we discovered I had a burst cyst on my ovary. After doing a MRI, they also discovered some fibroids but said it was “no big deal”. I was a little more concerned so I went to a gynecologist. After doing an ultrasound, they found two fibroids about an inch big. The gynecologist told me that we should seriously consider having a child within a year. Eventually I will need to have surgery to get them removed or get a hysterectomy.

–In June my parents came to visit. The day after they arrived I was walking on a trail behind our house with the girls. They weren’t pulling, and I wasn’t running. Out of nowhere, I stepped on a loose rock and rolled my ankle in and out and fell down. I literally could not walk. I had to call my dad to come and pick me up. I was out of commission from running or hardcore exercise for two months.

–At the end of July I hurt my back out of nowhere. Everything from the waist up was completely knotted and unable to move. I haven’t been able to run since then. I’ve only walked, done yoga, and some barre exercises. I’m finally on the mend after seeing the chiropractor for a few weeks.

So, why start blogging again? I noticed my blog was still getting hits even though I haven’t written in months. I also was finding it hard to stay motivated to keep fit and eat well when I couldn’t perform up to my standards. I was feeling pretty low. I wanted something to hold me accountable again and to share my journey.

Part of my recovery from my injuries is walking. I try to walk at least 10,000 steps per day or thirty minutes. I track my steps on my FitBit. I do some form of stretching/toning every day as well for at least 20 minutes. I will eventually start incorporating light weights in a few weeks.

As far as food is concerned, I am being very careful about what I’m eating. Because of my uterine fibroids, I’ve stopped drinking soy milk and switched to almond milk. I’m not a doctor, nor have I discussed eliminating soy from my diet to slow the growth of my fibroids with my doctor, but I’ve read several books that say it could be related. At this point, I’m just trying to do whatever I can to help us get pregnant within the next six months. This also includes eating organic whenever I can. Since I haven’t been working out as strenuously, I’ve also cut down on carbs after lunch. I typically just have protein and veggies for dinner.

With these changes, I haven’t gained any weight since I’ve been injured and actually lost a few pounds. I’ve also learned a little something through all my injuries–moderation. I have to be careful not to go balls to the wall once I start feeling better or I could hurt myself again. I have to know when it’s time to rest. And most of all, I have to have balance.




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