Shin Splints, Migraines, and Destruction

31 Aug

Great title, don’t you think? Well, besides work and volunteer commitments, shin splints have controlled my life for one week. I took about a week off of running to rest my shins. It’s really pained me, no pun intended, to stay off my feet but I’ve paid for two half marathons in two months and there is no way I’m giving up. I’ve had shin splints before and gone back to running too soon, only to be sidelined with the same injury. If there is one thing that I’ve improved on a lot in the past five years, it’s patience. I still have quite away to go though (ex. starting to ask for my presents way before the day they are due).

Last night we had a shower for an employee who was recently married. I had a wine spritzer, chicken lasagna, Caesar salad garlic bread and corn. For dessert I had a piece of Lemon Lush and Blueberry Cheesecake. When I got home I started to get a pretty bad headache. Luckily I was able to sleep, but today the headache came back with a vengeance and turned into a migraine. I need to start recording what I ate the day before or the day of my migraines because it has to be food related. I have a pretty strong hunch it’s sugar.

Edie reverted back to her puppyhood tonight and ate the sound bar remote. She didn’t have it very long but it was enough to completely destroy it, which is funny because there is only one tooth mark. Apparently it was in the right spot. Edie has destroyed many things over her three years.

One of many books

More books

One of several cell phones

Did I mention books?

And part of the wall in one of our apartments

Needless to say, Papa gave Edie a timeout in her kennel. 😦

Well folks, if I’m going to keep eating healthy I need to go prepare my tempeh for some Chipotle Lime Tacos tomorrow and tofu for my Hugh Jass Salad à la Mama Pea (that one you have to buy the book for).


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