Party Rock

29 Aug

We had a jam packed weekend to end our vacation, but it was definitely worth it. Friday some friends of ours had a going away party since they are moving to Portland. 😦 Sad, but also a little exciting because that means I will have one more reason to go there and one more place to stay! They rented a back room out in the bar which was jam-packed with people and they only had one waiter for all of us (at least twenty people who were VERY thirsty). Nathan and I waited over an hour for our beer before we realized we were probably forgotten. When we went to ask the waiter, he said he was out of one of the beers so he was “trying to find” us. Fortunately we were comped a couple of free beers. We decided to head home rather than try to for more drinks or a different bar. It was definitely an occasion for Dance Central.

Jessica and Denton

Our friends Denton and Jessica came to stay with us (since they live in Seattle and we all had a wedding to go to on Saturday). The first time I played Dance Central was at Denton’s house so I figured it was only fitting we stay up until 2am practicing our moves for the wedding. Since Jessica and I have the same name it was a tad confusing, especially after we realized we both had painted our toenails coral, go to bed at 9pm at the latest, and like to get up early. Course, that’s where the similarities end. She’s way taller than me (who isn’t), she KILLS it at Dance Central and I’m a smidge older. 🙂

We split up the next day because they had to do some last minute shopping. Nathan and I got to the wedding with about twenty minutes to spare. I got to take a few pics.

Where the couple got hitched

So cute!

Gorgeous view

I loved all the tree branches with candles that scattered the room. I always wanted that at my wedding (since we cheaped out and went to the courthouse I may just have to have a “second” ceremony sometime….). There’s just something about trees and branches…Maybe it’s because I love the outdoors. The flowers were gorgeous, bridesmaids dresses were classy and the bride looked absolutely stunning. I loved loved loved her dress…And earrings…And her mom’s veil she wore…And her hair…And everything!

The beautiful bride

Marcy and Ryan

Me and the Hub

Dinner was really yummy. We got breadsticks and Caesar salad. The entrée was surf and turf so I gave Nathan and Denton my turf (flank steak). They said it was super good but it looked really raw and pink like flesh, and you know I don’t eat cows (they have beautiful long eyelashes). The panko crusted halibut was really good (so good that Nathan ate it!) and the mashed potatoes were addicting. I ate Nathan’s since he will only eat potatoes in a fried form. I liked the spinach Florentine tomatoes except for the tomato! I decided I don’t like stuffed tomatoes because the texture of the tomato just doesn’t sit well with me. For dessert Jessica and Jessica (I mean I) shared a cheesecake piece that tasted like Oreo cookies. Mmm…

I forgot to take a pic until I already dug in!

Then it was time to party. As soon as the DJ said they had karaoke I ran up there. This is something you probably don’t know about me but I have an obsession with rapping Salt and Peppa songs. Yes, I know. My favorites are “None a Your Business”, “Whatta Man”, and “Shoop”. I would prefer “None a Your Business” but most people don’t have it and there is no way I can actually sing, so “Whatta Man” is usually my last choice. I decided to go with “Shoop”. Someone at work said, “Oh you must have been drunk” and I said, “No, I can make a fool out of myself completely sober.”

The night goes on and we’re dancing. The bride or groom even got a surprise guest, Nathan Cox who rapped “Bellingham State of Mind” which you can check out here. Then the DJ and his buddy rapped a few songs. And then it was karaoke time. I waited patiently (yeah right) for my song to come up but it started getting later and later and no “Shoop”. I finally asked the DJ and he scrambled to find it. A few songs later and it still didn’t play. I went to the bathroom because I gave up hope. I came back into the reception room and heard the DJ saying “Where is that girl who wanted to sing ‘Shoop?’” I came tearing across the floor in my bare feet (high heels were not welcome after 10pm) yelling “Here I am!! Here I am!!” All in all the performance was quite good. I stumbled a bit on one part but the crowd seemed to be digging it. The DJ even came up to me and told me it was awesome and that he did not expect that at all. I’ll take it as a compliment.

A short while later it was time for the after party. Mr. P was looking a little worse for wear and my throat was hoarse so we decided to head home. It was definitely one of the best weddings I’ve been to in awhile. Even if you took out “Shoop”. 🙂


2 Responses to “Party Rock”

  1. Marsha August 29, 2011 at 9:15 PM #

    Dad and I gave a one night, first time ever, karaoke performance last summer at a party at the club. We weren’t drunk either, of course. We were determined to have a good time no matter what it took. It was a blast!

    • baybaybites August 29, 2011 at 9:21 PM #

      It’s way past your bedtime!

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