Vacation In Photos

24 Aug

Vinyasa Yoga

When I’m on vacation I try to find a gym to buy a day pass at or a yoga studio. I also go for runs, which is a great way to tour neighborhoods and look at houses (my favorite). I was able to find this studio online. They offered one week of free yoga for $20. I was going to go twice but Tuesday morning I woke up with debilitating cramps. I had six ibuprofen in three hours (P.S. Don’t do that at home; I was desperate).

Eazy E; The reason Edie is not allowed in Portland

Edie isn’t allowed to stay at Uncle Adam’s because of this gangsta. When a dog was brought to their house, someone ended up in the hospital due to cat injuries. Edie stayed with Aunty Elisa.

But he looks so innocent...

I wake up super early so I went to an amazing café for breakfast to blog. It’s called New Deal Cafe and they had an abundance of organic and free range options. I was really impressed and would go back there in a heart beat.

Mango Black Tea, Breakfast Burrito, and Potatoes

Kennedy School

We hit up one of our favorite breweries in Portland, McMenamins. We went to their Kennedy School location and played pool in the Boiler Room Bar. If you aren’t familiar with McMenamins, I recommend checking out their website. They purchased an old school and turned it into a hotel with several bars, a movie theater, a restaurant, a brewery and soaking pool. This place is a MUST see.

The last day in Portland I went to the Whole Foods near my BIL’s house. They have a tea café that has at least 50 different choices of tea. I could not leave without checking this place out.

Black Lychee

Here are a couple shots from our journey from Seattle to Bremerton at the beginning of the vacation. Sorry, I did this a little backwards!

Yes, that is a dog riding a bull and yes, I would've ridden the bull but I was wearing a skirt


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