22 Aug

For those of you who aren’t aware of Mama Pea, you have my word I won’t smack you if you promise to go to her site immediately. But don’t get so caught up in her witty and hilarious writing that you forget about this little blog. 🙂 There are several reasons I adore Mama Pea.

  1. She is adorable
  2. She has the most enviable tongue in cheek writing style that makes me want to be her BFF
  3. She replies to so many of her bloggers comments it’s no wonder she doesn’t shower some days
  4. She seems like a very honest and genuine person

After meeting her, I can confirm that she is indeed as adorable as her pictures, if not more. Loved her hair, makeup, shoes, dress, etc. And I’m pretty sure she showered. She is just as personable in person as she in on her blog. Do you ever meet people who you know are just putting on a front? Where they are just being polite and nice because they are thinking about how it will benefit them? Well Mama Pea is not like that in the least. I felt like we could just sit down and have a conversation over some vegan cupcakes while I giggled over her Pea witticisms.

Portland attempted to give me a minor heart attack by deciding to close down 405 the day we drove down from Washington, which also happened to be the morning Mama Pea had her demonstration. Originally the plan called for Nathan to be dropped off at his brother’s house but in fear of missing the biggest moment of my vacation, I told Nathan he would have to come Downtown with me and figure something out.

We arrived with twenty minutes to spare and found an excellent deal on parking ($5 for the whole day!). Luckily  for Nathan, Deschutes Brewery happened to be right across the street from In Good Taste, where the demonstration took place. But unfortunately that meant it was also close to many other wonderful places in The Pearl District like Powell’s, Anthropologie, West Elm, North Face, Whole Foods, Lululemon, and more.

In Good Taste was a great store itself. If I could actually afford to buy high quality products this is where I would come. They also had great mustards, salts, and spices that were reasonably priced.

A Viking mixer??? Yes, please!


Super cute containers for marinades, dressings, or sauces

Since we drove non-stop from Bremerton to the demonstration after consuming a 20 oz tea, I headed straight to the bathroom. When I was washing my hands I heard some rustling outside the door. When I opened it I was greeted by some very familiar faces; Pea Daddy, Gigi, and Lulu. It’s so strange since I haven’t met anyone recently that I’ve only read about on the internet (last one was former Governor Jesse Ventura in high school but I don’t know if that counts). I felt like we all knew each other, and they were just waiting outside the bathroom for me. I greeted them with a big “hi” like we were long lost friends. Pea Daddy handled it in stride (I’m sure it’s not the first time it’s happened to him) telling me they were waiting for the bathroom and not stalking me (darn). Quickly I recovered and said I was here to see their mom.

There she is!

My favorite part of the demonstration was that Mama Pea kept things really intimate. We all gathered around the island while she cooked and she went around and asked everyone how they came to be at the demonstration. She also emphasized we could jump in at any time with questions. Gigi stood at the front with her most of the time, asking if she could help (I see star potential there as well). Mama Pea said her favorite vegan protein to work with is tofu. The most important thing about preparing tofu is to press, press, press! There are some great tofu presses out there but if you are just venturing into vegan or vegetarian cooking, she recommended cutting the tofu, layering a dish towel or paper towel over it, put another cookie sheet on top and then layer it with multiple heavy things such as dictionaries you never use. Mama Pea also reminded us it’s important to marinate the tofu, which I wish I would’ve learned years ago when I was a vegetarian. No wonder I never liked tofu! It pretty much takes on whatever flavor you are cooking with and doesn’t have much flavor of it’s own. Mama Pea marinates her tofu for a few hours or overnight and then broils it in the oven for about 5-6 minutes each side. She said it helps it get that great crisp on the outside.

At the demonstration we were treated to Chipotle Lime Tacos (LOVE chipotle), a version of Strawberry Roasted Chickpea with Cinnamon Vinaigrette, and Fruit Skewers with a cream cheese dipping sauce. I would make every single one of these recipes at home in a second for several reasons–

  1. The flavor was incredible
  2. There were so easy
  3. They are good for you

The salad


Naked Taco; I should've taken a picture of mine before I ate it but it was already in my belly before you can say "chipotle"

Part of the reason I often don’t like “healthy” or “diet” food is because there is a lack of flavor. Not here! The tacos even got my nose a little runny, but that is an indicator of great spice in my book. 🙂

After the demonstration Mama Pea signed books and talked with each of us. We even got to take pictures (and she said she like my shoes)!

What's a Pea picture without Gigi?

And since she was such a great helper and is really heading places herself, I also had Gigi sign my book.

After I pried myself away from Mama Pea so I didn’t have a restraining order on my record, I headed to Anthropologie to swoon over all the beautiful clothing and then vomited after reading all the prices. I did spend $16 on two mugs with “P” on them (and no, not for Mama Pea but for my new last name). I also dropped some money at West Elm, Whole Foods and Powells, because, as I justified my spending to Nathan, it’s tax-free here so really I saved us money. After spilling a good portion of my water bottle all over my dress and snuffing some up my nose I ran into Mama Pea and brood on the sidewalk. They said “hello” even though I’m sure they were in fear that the girl with the cute shoes was stalking them.

The day was absolutely lovely and I couldn’t ask for anything more, except maybe Mama Pea declaring that she thought that we would be the best of friends and go get pedicures together (my feet are seriously disgusting from running; I would take pictures but I’m sure they would end up in science magazines).



5 Responses to “I MET MAMA PEA!!!!”

  1. Lisa August 22, 2011 at 11:40 AM #

    so cute, jess! i love that you met mama pea. i’ve made her UMMM sauce a couple times, and it’s so yummy;). glad you had a good time in portland. miss you. love you. you are beautiful!

    • baybaybites August 22, 2011 at 11:44 AM #

      Thanks Lisa! Right back at you. 🙂

      • lisa August 22, 2011 at 5:46 PM #

        ummmm. i mean mmmmm sauce:)

      • baybaybites August 22, 2011 at 6:09 PM #

        I knew what you meant. 🙂

  2. Marsha August 22, 2011 at 11:49 AM #

    I am sitting having a smoothie (I am sure not as healthy as yours.) in B&N. I just saw the book by Mama Pea before I read your blog. Isnt life amazing sometimes!

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