Running on 7 Does Not Work For This Girl

4 Aug

The pup had another great morning. She decided to have her dad distract me so she could jump on the counter and steal half of my banana bread. Thanks you guys! I ended up giving her the rest in her bowl, being she is a princess. It was pretty well deserved after our four mile run.

I was so excited; the first mile I did was on pace and without a Garmin or any other guide! I was almost afraid to write this in fear the hub wouldn’t give me my birthday present (one week!), but the rest of the run was not on pace at all. THIS IS WHY I NEED MY PRESENT EARLY! 🙂

Today I received amazing news via my e-mail. My copy of Peas and Thank You was in at the library. Hurrah! I skimmed the whole thing on my lunch (which took so long I almost didn’t get a chance to eat because I was busy devouring the book), and have decided I’m definitely going to purchase it. This is why I love the library. I get to test run books to see if I really want them. And then this other lovely gem caught my eye….

I have to admit, I am borderline obsessed with Kate Middleton. Okay, scratch the borderline. I’m a little too young for the Princess Di phenomenon. I remember feeling sad when she passed away but I didn’t understand people’s fascination with her (although she was very gorgeous and seemed extremely kind). Well, then Kate came along and it was like, “Ah ha!”. She is stunning, sweet, and just sparkles. I can’t get enough of her! I’m sure this book is full of things that aren’t even 50% true, and I will certainly not believe anything negative about her or William. But I couldn’t help but pick this up. I’m sure it will make a quick and easy read.

I made another Berry Chocolate Smoothie this morning but used strawberries instead of the cherry blend. I have to say I liked this combination more than yesterday’s. The strawberries and chocolate flavor had a better balance and neither overpowered the other. As for dinner, well, that was cereal. 😦 And at egg on a corn tortilla with salsa and a little cheese.

I need a lot of sleep. The hub calls me “Sleepy Bay Bay” because I tend to nap on the weekends and I go to bed at about 9pm (at the latest). Since I’ve been getting up earlier to fit in all my workouts and miles, I’ve been averaging about seven hours to seven and a half hours. This does not work well for me. I don’t even want to think about when we have a child. I’m afraid for the hub. So this is my excuse for sticking with cereal (and eggs) for dinner and not having the desire to cook. This is also why I need to make more meals on Sunday and freeze them.

I bought a Diet Coke while I was at work today in hopes that it would perk me up. Let’s get this straight, I know Diet Coke is really bad for you. I allow myself one a week. But after today, I don’t even know if I will do that. The soda didn’t help me wake up at all or give me any energy. I began to get inexplicably anxious on the way home from work for no reason…Then it occurred to me; Diet Coke! When I started going to therapy I had several therapists tell me to avoid aspartame because it can make you anxious. Bingo! I’m going to go off it for a month and see if it changes things.

Tomorrow I will have a review for Jari Love’s “Get Ripped! Get Ripped & Chiseled”. This time I’m going to have my step ready, just in case! 🙂


2 Responses to “Running on 7 Does Not Work For This Girl”

  1. Marsha August 5, 2011 at 7:36 AM #

    I like chocolate either with blueberries or strawberries. This morning I made a simple mango smoothie with soy milk and my Arbonne vanilla protein powder. It was good and very thick. I need lots of sleep too. I have been taking naps in the afternoon since you were little. I take a 30 minute nap break every day.


  1. Shin Splints, Migraines, and Destruction « Bay Bay Bites - August 31, 2011

    […] Great title, don’t you think? Well, besides work and volunteer commitments, shin splints have controlled my life for one week. I took about a week off of running to rest my shins. It’s really pained me, no pun intended, to stay off my feet but I’ve paid for two half marathons in two months and there is no way I’m giving up. I’ve had shin splints before and gone back to running too soon, only to be sidelined with the same injury. If there is one thing that I’ve improved on a lot in the past five years, it’s patience. I still have quite away to go though (ex. starting to ask for my presents way before the day they are due). […]

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