Review for Jari Love’s “Get Ripped with Jari Love: Get Ripped to the Core”

3 Aug

First off, let me explain why I’m doing  workout videos and not lifting at the gym (which I prefer). My husband and I got married on May 20th, 2011 and signed loan documents on our first home on May 23rd, 2011. We had quite a bit of furniture from our previous apartment, and both our parents spoiled us rotten with monetary and furniture gifts. The only problem is we bought a brand new home. I know what you are thinking…”Why would you need to spend money when you have a brand new home?! There isn’t anything to fix”. Oh, I would beg to differ! Have you ever seen builder’s landscaping? Not so pretty. Combine that with the fact there were no window treatments or hardware on any of the cabinets in the house. You can spend a pretty penny.

Feasibly, we could afford a gym membership. Right now we’re trying to build up our savings, and I’m hoping to go on a honeymoon eventually. Also, I HATE running on treadmills. I get SO bored that I want to tear the treadmill into pieces. So for the summer, it just makes sense not to have a gym membership. We’ll see what tune I’ll be singing when winter comes around…

Back to the topic at hand; as far as working my muscles, I would say this video did a great job. I was looking for videos similar to Body Pump classes and this popped up on my radar. Let’s go over pros and cons—


-I can feel the workout in my upper body.

-The exercises were easy to follow.

-It definitely got my heart rate up and I was sweating up a storm.

-There are several different levels you can follow between the four people working out.


-Not a lot of ab work (Jari said some of the moves not specifically designed for your abs will work them but I can’t feel it at all and I was holding those puppies in).

-Because some of the moves were combined with upper body moves, I didn’t feel like I got as good a workout on the lower half (I needed heavier weights for those).

-Jari has very little personality. She seems like a lovely person. I do hate those people who are super jazzed on the workouts and overly obnoxious yelling and screaming at you, but she needed a little something more.

-The DVD didn’t tell you what equipment you would need for the workout on the back. Half way through they pulled a step out of nowhere, which I have but didn’t feel like getting from the garage while I’m in the middle of my workout

-The whole premise of the video was to “burn carbs” and use “lower weights with more reps” which I think are both a bunch of whoee (course, this was made in 2006 when carbs were “bad”). I see plenty of fit ladies at the gym lifting heavy weights that you wouldn’t even dream of lifting and they don’t look scary or oversized. Case in point, my friend Lelia. Also, I haven’t read up a lot on this, but it sounds a little suspicious when someone says their workout can specifically burn carbs. ??

All in all it was a good video…I would give it 3 ½ out of five stars. I will keep using it until I make a decision regarding the gym. I will have to add some more abs either at the end of the video or on another day.

I just got another video from Jari that I’ll review later this week!


2 Responses to “Review for Jari Love’s “Get Ripped with Jari Love: Get Ripped to the Core””


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