Edie’s Rough Life and Berry Chocolate Smoothie

3 Aug

Did everyone have a good morning? I know one person (or mammal) who did.

Before I entertain you with Edie’s antics of the morning, let me give you a little background. Edie is a three year old labradoodle (because I am allergic to everything—luckily not her!) who is full of mischief. She is also the princess. Edie started out a crate trained dog but during an unfortunate incident at the in-laws (before we were married) with a pop-up fabric kennel (yeah, those don’t work at ALL) she became a bed sleeper. We NEVER wanted to do this with her. We started out with the best intentions, but there is nothing better than cuddling up to a fuzzy warm pup in the middle of the night. There are also few things worse than getting farted on in your face by a dog in the wee hours of the morning, but hey, we must pay a price.

Other examples of Edie’s royal status include her massive bin of toys, the fact she goes everywhere with her parents, when I get up to put something away and come back to my spot with her in it she gets to stay, and she gets taken to the vet if there is even the slightest thing wrong with her (I’m working on the latter). Edie is the first dog I’ve owned (since my mother and I both have allergies we never had a dog), and she is like my baby since we are childless (for now).

However, I did not think I would have to do what I did this morning for a very long time; not until Edie was geriatric. Edie went about doing her business in the field while I cleaned it up (she walks when she poops so it’s a process). When we started to go on our way she kept reaching her head back towards her bottom as if to scratch her back. I went around to see what was bothering her, and low and behold she had poo sticking out of her bum. And it wasn’t like it didn’t fall off of her massive quantity of hair, it was literally stuck. I had to undo the poo bag and…well, I won’t go into any more detail but you know what I did.

When we got home the Hub wanted a clean towel so I went to grab one and threw his towel on the floor so Edie could partake in her favorite activity—rolling on dad’s towel. There is something about the husband’s smell on the towel that makes Edie go nuts. She spreads it all out and rubs her face on it as hard as she can and then rolls around on her back.

I left the little princess with her Kong and I’m sure she’ll just be postin’ up on the couch when her papa gets home.

This morning I made a Berry Chocolate Smoothie, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The flavor was good but I’m not sure how I feel about chocolate in the A.M. I’m going to give it another day. I chased the smoothie with the Clean Eating Banana Bread and some PB.

Berry Chocolate Smoothie

1 cup soy milk

handful spinach

1/2 tbsp flax meal

1 cup frozen berry blend (I used Very Cherry from Trader Joes)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

And you know the drill here. I drank this whole thing this morning.

I had quite a few snacks today since I did Jari Love’s weight lifting video. I had the Planters Energy Mix, cottage cheese with blueberries, and yogurt with Erin’s granola and a white nectarine. Can I just say new favorite? Who would’ve thought nectarines, yogurt and PB granola would go so well together? This girl!

Dinner is the same for this evening since there is one turkey burger left and the Hub graciously offered it to me. And we just have to eat the rest of those Alexia’s Chipotle Sweet Potato fries because they could get….freezer burned…or something…if they are in the freezer too long. 🙂

Top that off with a glass of white wine and some Property Brothers on HGTV. Ah…..


4 Responses to “Edie’s Rough Life and Berry Chocolate Smoothie”

  1. Marsha August 4, 2011 at 8:05 AM #

    I just had a chocolate blueberry smoothie for breakfast. It was good!

  2. Marsha August 4, 2011 at 8:07 AM #

    And about the dog. TMI

    • baybaybites August 4, 2011 at 9:08 AM #

      If you were a dog owner you would understand.


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    […] made another Berry Chocolate Smoothie this morning but used strawberries instead of the cherry blend. I have to say I liked this […]

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