Stupid Things I Do

2 Aug

I can’t even count the amount of stupid things I do in a day. And please know, I don’t think I’m stupid I just do some bone-headed things sometimes. For example, I decided to go for a run at 4:50pm today, which happens to be the hottest part of the day. I’m not sure exactly what the temp was but I heard it felt about 77 degrees. Now for all you Midwesterners and East Coasters, I know this is nothing for you but I cannot handle heat. When I went back to Minnesota in July one summer I got heat rash all over my chest and neck, and I had to stay in the shade and wear long sleeves for the rest of the vacation. Even when I lived there I didn’t like the heat. I got heat exhaustion at a soccer game once in middle school when everyone else was fine.

So Edie and I set off to run on black top (more heat) on farms roads (no shade) for four miles. Of course, I decided to take a new route that just happened to have a large hill.

Okay, it looked a lot bigger when I was there

The whole time I was worried about the pup (who is black). She was panting up a storm. I even stopped half way through and squirted some water at her mouth, but she just ended up getting mad at me and scared of the water bottle. I almost had to drag her back home. At least the view coming back was worth it.

You might be able to see the mountains in the background; gorgeous!

Edie and I both passed out in the shade in the yard when we got back. It’s so nice (after YEARS of apartment living) to be able to lay on your own grass.

When the Hub got home we made a well deserved dinner. This morning I had the other half of my Mango Coconut Smoothie and a piece of the Clean Eating Banana Bread. Snacks were Planters Energy Mix and yogurt with blueberries and Erin’s PB granola. And lunch, ah lunch; because I left early I didn’t eat the shrimp salad. Instead I had half of a Clif Builder Bar before the run and half after. Needless to say, I was starving by dinner time. This is where stupid thing #2 came in. Because I was so hungry I completely devoured my meal (probably without breathing) in about 15 minutes. Now I have a gigantic mad food baby in my tummy.

Have you tried Alexia’s Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries? Because if you haven’t I should come over and smack you upside the head. They are THE BEST fries ever, hands down. Course, if you give me anything with chitpotle on it I would eat it. Turkey burgers with low-fat cheddar and a spinach salad rounded out the meal.

And then there was stupid thing #3. I needed more water because of the chipotle, and I realized the straw in my Nathan’s water bottle is broken. Luckily it came with extra….which are located…..somewhere. Don’t you think the logical spot would be with the water bottles in the kitchen? Nope, not there. The silverware drawer? Heck no! What about the utensil drawer? Obviously not. How about anywhere in the kitchen? Well that is just preposterous! As of this posting, the straws are still at large….

I claim that was it for stupid things, but I know the husband would like to add #4. I went shopping after work at TJ Maxx and scored some great stuff. I needed a dress for our housewarming/wedding reception at our house in September, and the hub didn’t think this was a necessity. As any sensible woman would argue, you don’t want to wear a dress everyone has seen at your reception! And my wedding dress is a little too fancy for a housewarming. I needed something chic, something that could be worn again, and something that would be slightly dressier because I need to be fancier than the guests (hello, my our reception!). Thank you Calvin Klein.

I bought the cutest blue Calvin Klein dress, two work shirts (to replace the two that hit the dust last week), and a pair of leggings. The dress was $50, shirts were $14.99 each, and the leggings were $5. Since the leggings were not “necessary” I have to pay for those with fun money, and I told the Hub I would split the difference with him on the dress. This made him content (I would say happy but that would not be the truth).

Well, I am off to do smart things now, like watch HGTV before bed. Until tomorrow, when I will post a new smoothie recipe and give you my thoughts on the Jari Love video I checked out from the library. 🙂


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