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Double Your Pleasure

26 Jul

Two blogs in one day?! How is this possible? Well I’m typing away (part of this blog) at my computer on my lunch break instead of reading and taking the usual 10-20 minute nap. Yes, I take a nap on lunch. Because I get up so early I often feel tired after I eat and reading does not help. I find myself nodding off on the couch, so why fight it. However, I do find anything over 15-20 minutes is no good and will just make you groggy. Plus, I don’t drink coffee (only black, green, white, red, and pretty much any color tea), so I can’t use that as a pick-me-up. Trust me; you don’t want to see me on caffeine. The one time I had Red Bull I freaked out because I thought my heart was beating too fast.

This morning Edie and I went for a 3 mile run that was supposed to be 11:40 per mile according to my training schedule but ended up being 10:13 or something close to that. There are three issues that cause this–

  1. My trainer likes to do random sprints (Edie)
  2. My Cardio Trainer app on my phone doesn’t tell me my pace until after I finished the mile (so dumb; the hub is most likely getting me a Garmin for my birthday in sixteen days)
  3. I am a horrible pacer

Hopefully the Garmin will help with at least two of the problems. I need to take care of number one on my own, so you pretty much know that’s never going to happen.

A lot of people seem to take pictures of themselves after they’ve worked out and post them on their blog. I was really hesitant to do this because I get really bad RED face and because I sweat like no other. RED face is when your face turns super red when working out and people stare at you because it looks like maybe you were holding your breath or steam might come out of your ears. I decided to take one anyways, and it didn’t turn out all that bad.

For breaky, I whipped up a creation I’m calling Banana Berry Omega.

½ cup mixed dark berries frozen

½ banana frozen

1 cup soy milk (or however you roll)

One handful spinach

One scoop vanilla protein powder

½ tablespoon Chia seeds (they provide a lot of Omega 3s, fiber, and keep you full for a long time because they expand in your tummy)

½ tablespoon flax meal

Put all in a blender and let ‘er rip!

We really need to do something to work on the color though. At first I thought it was purple, but the more I put it in the light it just looked grey…I don’t think people like to eat grey things. This recipe also requires you to put the finished product in a beer mug because otherwise you will spill it all over the counter because it doesn’t fit in a regular glass, and your dog will try to lick it all up. Not that it happened to me. A little Emergen-C and a hardboiled egg topped off breakfast.

The hub was very good to me yesterday and ran to Trader Joe’s for me because I don’t like the greek yogurt choices at Fred Meyer. This is why you should never send a man to do a woman’s job.

I’m not sure what European style is and the hub said the sticker below said greek yogurt. Plus, he made all that effort so I can’t be mad or sad.

When I opened the freezer last night to get my lunch out for the morning it looked like it snowed in our freezer. Has anyone else had this problem??? Our freezer is at the bottom of the fridge and we haven’t change a single setting on it. It’s been the same way for two months and this has never happened. Any guesses? And yes, that is Edie licking the top of a vodka bottle…at 6:30am.

Speaking of the little devil dog, it’s time to go give her a bath. I apologize if you can hear the whining from here.

Why must you torture me?



26 Jul


*I would like to preface this blog by saying you should absolutely NOT take any of these supplements or vitamins without talking to your doctor. Every time I have started a new regime it’s been cleared by a doctor. This is simply a plan we have worked out together for ME. It does not mean it is right for you. If you are interested in adding any of the substances below, please talk to your doctor FIRST.*

I’ve gotten laughed at, scoffed at, and pointed at often for the amount of supplements/vitamins I take. It all started in college when I went to a nutritionist (I was a vegetarian then and my mom wanted to make sure I was getting enough nutrients). I got my blood tested and everything was fine. She did recommend I take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement just to be on the safe side.

Over the years I’ve packed on more supplements. I heard dietitian after dietitian say they recommend women take a multi, calcium, and fish oil, so one more was added. Several years after that I started running, so I started taking Glucosamine Chondroitin.

Last year I was at a big crossroad—I was getting sick very often. This is something I’m used to as an asthmatic sufferer (plus allergies), but it’s not something my employer or fellow employees were used to. Asthmatics are more susceptible to illnesses, especially the flu and any respiratory illnesses. Of course, that doesn’t really make your co-workers feel any better when you are calling in sick. I went to my doctor and a naturopath. I also started using the neti pot. The only medicine I’m on now for allergies and asthma are my inhaler and a nose spray, which is a huge improvement from when I was younger. I also take the following vitamins and supplements—

CoQ-10—helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

Fish Oil—Omega 3 fatty acids, possible anti-cancer effects, aids brain function

Calcium with Magnesium—I don’t drink milk so this helps with building strong bones

Vitmain D—helps calcium absorption and some say it can affect your mood

Women’s Multivitamin

Glucosamine Chondroitin—maintains joint health

Bioavailable Iron—I don’t eat red meat and women loose iron during their periods

I haven’t been really sick (well, except for a food poisoning incident that doesn’t really count) for at least six months, and it seems like it’s easier for me to fight off something if I feel a cold coming on. Exercise and good whole food also helps. 🙂

Again, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Please talk to yours before taking any of these as it is possible to take too many vitamins, and something could interact with medicine you might be taking.

Oy! Sugar Rush and Weighing In

25 Jul

So I haven’t eaten any processed sugar it over a week, but today that all changed. There is a certain time in every woman’s life she needs chocolate, and on a not-so-good Monday it becomes an absolute necessity. I ate great all day until about 3:30pm. I broke out a mini bag of M&Ms and a mini Snickers. About a half an hour later the headache started. This is on top of being lethargic from staying up a good portion of the night with a bad tummy, which in turn caused a chain reaction of me not going for a run this morning. Sigh. I guess today is my rest day.

I was looking forward to book club tonight even though I didn’t read the book (oops!). To be fair, I really tried but I already read it once and I couldn’t get into it (Things Fall Apart). Plus, I was consumed with Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Have you seen the series on HBO??? If you haven’t, you must; so addicting!

Slowly throughout the day I began getting messages that people couldn’t come to book club. By the end of the day it was down to me and Lindsey. We decided to still meet up at her place and then go shopping. Plus, I had to get some more sugar in the form of a delicious fruit pizza. Cream cheese? Yes please!

We hit the mall for no reason in particular. I used to be somewhat of a shopaholic so I’m really careful what I buy now. I try on clothes and I don’t buy anything. Yes, I know that sounds a little silly but I’ve read many an article that says it’s the thrill of the find and your satisfaction actually goes down after you buy it. If I’m still thinking about the item a few days after, I’ll go back. Plus, the hub needs some new work shirts so we’ll be going back there sooner or later. However, I did find a globe for the hub. I was given free rein to decorate however I like in a majority of the house (except for the man cave, which is a whole different story) but the hub had one request–a globe. But it had to have a certain look and be a certain size. We’ve been looking all over for one. I was telling Lindsey about it while looking at a cute little owl figurine (which I bought, because my one request was an owl) and as soon as the words were out of my mouth she said, “Turn around!” I found the perfect globe at Kohl’s for the perfect price. I left a happy camper.

After getting home, Edie decided the globe looked like a really fun ball (she’s obsessed with balls). To distract her, we threw the wrapping paper at her. And it was like Christmas.

As far as weight loss, I’m staying on track. I lost two pounds last week! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot and it’s certainly not on par with Biggest Loser proportions, but it’s right where I want to be. The last time I lost weight quickly was when I got divorced, but I wasn’t eating and ran every day. When I started eating again the weight came right back on. Also, this isn’t so much a diet as a life style change. I’m trying to find balance between the “good” and the “bad”. I like that I can have a little sugar and remind myself why I don’t eat it everyday (hello, migraine!).

Long day tomorrow starting at 5:30am and I’m not getting home from work until 6:30pm. Bed time for me!


P.S. Since when did jean vests come back??? That are bedazzled??? Really??


Did you ever wear one of these?

Yes, yes I did and I also had permed my hair…Even though it’s naturally curly. I had a poodle on top of my head.


Turkey Tacos and Stuffed Peppers

24 Jul

I’m pretty anal, which I get from my mom. We like things organized, perfect, and in their place. Sundays are the day I get everything in order. I make lunch for the week, I clean, I water the plants, I do laundry, and I get my exercise clothes set for the morning. This last one is the most important because it’s hard enough to get up on Monday morning, let alone get up and exercise.

I have some stir-fry in the freezer from last week for one of my lunches this week so I had to make four more meals. I went with Stuffed Turkey Peppers from Clean Eating Magazine.

While I made dinner and lunches I watched The Next Food Network Star. There is nothing better than cooking and watching people cook. Part of the reason we bought this house was because of the kitchen (plus the huge walk-in closet and gigantic jetted tub) and it’s the best decision we ever made. 🙂

Dinner was Lime-Grilled Turkey Tacos. I got this recipe from The Abs Diet Cookbook. I grilled Jennie-O turkey tenderloin after rubbing it with some olive oil and Mexican spices. After a squeeze of lime, I put in on the grill. Mmm…

The after product was so delicious! I cut the turkey into small pieces, threw it on a corn tortilla with romaine, and avocado salsa. I will definitely make this again.











After running four miles this morning and doing Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn, I needed some replenishment. These tacos hit the spot. Tomorrow I get to have them again since I have to go straight from work to book club.

What do you do during the weekend to get ready for the week?

Here comes the sun!

24 Jul

Though it seems the rest of the country has had a heat wave, the Pacific Northwest has been cloudy and rainy. Big surprise, I know, but it is actually nice out here in the summer. This summer has been a bit of a blip though. Saturday the sun came out, and I knew I had to take advantage while it lasted. Edie and I got suited up for our long-standing weekend date with my friend and her dog Benny.

Strange...I can wear sunglasses in the summer again...

Just about every weekend we take the dogs on a walk or hike and then take them swimming. Edie knows exactly where we are going because about 5 blocks or so from my friend’s house she starts whining. About a quarter of a mile before the trail she starts whining again. This weekend she was in rare form since she started barking (that shrill annoying bark) before we got out of the car, and before I let her in the dog park. Apparently I didn’t open the gate quickly enough.

Edie’s boyfriend always “protects” her at the dog park. When other dogs start to chase her he can get a little crabby (even though Edie’s ultimate idea of fun is being chased so she can run as fast as possible) and will growl and nip. But he did a pretty good job and mostly did his own thing.

After a fun-filled muddy hike, it was time for a swim. I believe that swimming is the only activity Edie has never passed out from due to exhaustion. I honestly think she could swim all day. Her other favorite thing to do is leap off a dock or a rock into the water to fetch something. I swear, she should be in one of those jumping contests.


And splash!

On the way home Benny puked in the car. Of course, it was the ONE TIME I didn’t have the waterproof cover on the back seat. But it wasn’t too bad, and after you have a dog and clean up after it, it’s really not so gross. I guess it’s almost like a baby. Mom’s always say they aren’t grossed out by diapers and baby puke (although I find that really hard to believe sometimes).

When we got home I did my kettlebell routine and woke up the hub to tell him he left the garage door open all night. Luckily no one took anything. I wasn’t really mad since that is something I would definitely do, and I’m actually surprised it wasn’t me. 🙂

Then is was time for breaky. Before the hike I had whole wheat toast with some PB and banana. I REALLY wanted to make pancakes but I had a bunch of arugula left that I had to eat. I HATE wasting food.

I wilted the arugula in a pan, added one full egg and two egg whites to make a scramble. And of course, I had to add an ounce of goat cheese because goat cheese makes everything better.

Then it was time to relax in the sun and use the patio furniture we paid so much for. We actually got a great deal on it but it just seems kind of funny spending so much money on it when you are only going to use it in the summer. It was completely worth it for days like this.

Relaxing in the sun with the hub calls for good reading material, some Muscle Milk for lunch, and some lemonade with chia seeds. If you put one tablespoon of chia seeds in lemonade and let them sit for ten minutes they take on a gel-like consistency. I thought it was good and who can’t resist a little science experiment?

Dinner was a banana bread Larabar at Harry Potter. I was SO excited to finally see it. I was one of those nerds who went to the midnight book release for the last book. I even have proof.

I went home and read until I physically could not keep my eyes open any longer, which I think was about 3-4am. The movie definitely did not disappoint, and I teared up several times and had tears running down my face towards the end. Harry Potter is one of the only books-turned-movies that I am actually pleased with. I get a picture in my head of how things should be when I read a book, and HP delivered on every single movie. It’s the end of an era. 😦

Off for more fun in the sun and to cook lunched for the week!

What book do you love that was turned into a movie, and did it meet your expectations?

A little bit of oops!

23 Jul

Friday , oh Friday. I did not do so good on my eating on Friday. In my defense, and not an excuse, my stomach was really bothering me. I had to stick with bland foods. Breakfast I did good with some wheat bread, PB, banana, and that Svelte Calnaturale drink. The protein drink was pretty good but it’s definitely not something I would drink everyday. The chai flavor was REALLY strong, but it wasn’t chalky like some protein drinks. I think it was just too sweet for the morning for me. Adding insult to injury, my boss bought me a soy chai. 🙂 For lunch I got a plain bagel with cream cheese. My snack was my big oops. A gal at work had been under the weather this week while someone was on vacation so she felt bad calling in sick. She bought us Drumsticks as a thank you, so naturally I had one. 😦 But I won’t beat myself up about it. Besides, I’ve never been one to completely omit anything from my diet and I’m not going to start now.

For dinner, my stomach was still upset. The hub, Edie, and I went for a quick 1.75 mile run (he does not like to run so I was happy with what I got) and I had a Clif Builder Bar after. I had a Diet Sierra Mist to calm the tummy and some crackers.

This pup loves to run

Then it was time for our Friday night date…..Dance Central! I cannot even tell you how much I love that game. I am under no illusion that I’m a good dancer but it doesn’t mean I can’t pretend in the privacy of my home!

We did pretty good, even moving up to Medium on some songs. Pretty impressive, I know. I love the songs on the game, especially Salt ‘N Peppa “Push It”. Don’t even get me started on Salt ‘N Peppa karaoke; ALL TIME FAVORITE.

The Hub's favorite dancer

We danced until about quarter to ten last night, hopefully burning off some of my oops calories. It was so past my bed time that I didn’t even get to read. I konked out.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night? Do you have a routine?

Blogs I’m Digging and Inspiration

21 Jul

There are several reasons I started a blog and since today was primarily leftovers and I stuck to my scheduled four mile tempo run, I thought I would devote a post to this topic.

  1. I am an avid reader and used to write a lot when I was younger. I actually majored in English Literature in college and thought about writing as a career, but my skin isn’t thick enough.
  2. I am infamous (well, in my opinion!) for starting something and not following through. I don’t know how many times I’ve started a workout regime or diet and not carried it through. I knew the blog would hold me accountable. When I had a goal of running my first half marathon for my 30th birthday, I let as many people know as possible because I couldn’t let them down. Blogging will be like that.
  3. Inspiration! There are so many real people out there who inspire me on a daily basis. Yeah, you can look up to celebrities, but that’s unrealistic and sets you up for failure. I like seeing real people and hearing real stories. I saw Krista’s blog link on the MSN website and I thought, “That’s a great idea!” Also, a good friend of mine has a blog that is about her journey towards a figure competition, which I loved to read (more about her later).

Here are some of the blogs that I subscribe to and read daily. Hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

Last but not least, Lelia. I met Lelia on a crazy night on New Year’s Eve in 2010 and instantly knew I liked her. Even though I’m 30, I do occasionally make mistakes, as I did that night by drinking too much (I generally don’t drink very much and have a very low tolerance to alcohol–two strong mixed drinks did me in). The Hub teased me the next day since I followed her around like a lost puppy and told her she would be a bridesmaid in my wedding (which is funny because 1-we weren’t even engaged yet and 2-we didn’t have a formal wedding and were already planning not to). He coined the term Bestie and it’s stuck.

Lelia is a huge inspiration to me. She is a confident, strong, and smart woman. She is training for her first figure show and is doing a great job. I’m so proud of her! But at the same time she is human. She will cave on her food at times and have a meltdown but she gets right back in the saddle. This gal knows so much about food, nutrition, and working out. I’m glad she’s always a phone call or e-mail away if I need help, need a routine, or need someone to talk when things aren’t working out.

Bach Party Shenanigans

Hot damn girl!

Who inspires you?