Ode to the library

30 Jul

I’ve found (well, I should say re-found) a new love. Can I just tell you how much I heart libraries? They have brand new books that are out in the stores, they have workout DVDs, they have a little section of books called “Must Reads” where they have a bunch of books you might not normally pick out that are great, and you can find this all online. If a book isn’t available you can you request it and when it becomes available you get an e-mail saying  your book has arrived. Isn’t that cool? It’s like shopping but it’s free!

My Current Selections; Firefly Lane is a book club pick

I said to the hub, “Aren’t you proud of me? I’m shopping at the library so I’m not buying books anymore.”

And since I know him so well I said for him, “It doesn’t really matter to me since you would have to buy them with your fun money anyways.” He agreed. I love that we know each other so well that I can have a conversation with him by saying everything myself.

Fun money- noun \ˈfən\\ˈmə-nē\- Once a month the hub and I are each allotted a certain amount of money to do whatever the heck we want with it, no questions asked.

Friday night was a sad night in our household. It was the first Friday night we’ve been at home that we haven’t played Dance Central. I was just too exhausted from working all week and knowing I had to get up at 6am the next day did not help. Someone else was sad too.

She licked her poor dew claw until it bled. We had to get her to stop licking it somehow. Problem solved. Edie’s done this before by playing too hard and licking her poor paws raw. Let’s just say this isn’t the first (or second) time she’s worn those socks.

Edie and I squeezed out five miles before work this morning. We found a new park with frisbee golf that has a little trail around it. I like running around my new town and increasing the mileage because I find out so many new things about it.

I had another Banana Berry Omega (next week I’ll début a new smoothie!) with toast and PB. At work I had another Planters Energy Mix at work for a snack, and lunch was steamed spinach with a Clif Body Builder bar. I knew we were going to the Old Settlers Picnic after work so I wanted to save my appetite.

Unfortunately when we went there it was most of the typical “fair” food.

Hmmm, maybe if my run was longer...

Enjoying the weather at the picnic

Great idea for an elementary school playground; map of the U.S.!

We toured all the old homes in Pioneer Park and watched the Gothard Sisters rock out. These gals were so talented! They sang, they danced, they tapped, they played violin…If I could even do one of those it would be a great accomplishment. Since we didn’t find any food we wanted to eat (and the ice cream line was WAY too long) we headed to 7-11 so hub could have a Slurpee. I got a Drumstick. 🙂

We waited until about 7:30 tonight to decide what we were going to do for dinner. I took a nap earlier which went a little too long. Between the sun, sugar, and nap I developed a huge headache. I did not feel like making the pistachio chicken I had planned on. We hemmed and hawed about going out to dinner (we are planning on going to brunch tomorrow) but finally decided to stay home. Then we considered cereal which is always a good dinner option. The ultimate decision was to go to Haggen’s to find something to eat.

Well, I’m not sure if any of you ladies are like this but when I’m hungry, I’M HUNGRY NOW. There is the initial hunger which slowly develops into give-me-something-to-eat-before-you-die hunger. I was at that point by the time we got to the grocery store so I was a bit snippy with the hub and snapped at him that I hated the white sauce on Papa Murphy’s pizza. Yeah, I said it. White sauce is the Hub’s favorite thing on Papa Murphy’s pizza but I hate it. It’s pretty much alfredo which I can just feel clogging my arteries as soon as it hits my tongue. Plus, I love tomato sauce. I know this sounds all pretty petty but it was actually quite a big deal, and I kept putting my head in my hand and shaking it.

This is what we came home with–

And don’t you sass me because I was hungry and I-will-drop-kick-you-in-the-head if you give me shit. 🙂

Good night!


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