Here comes the sun!

24 Jul

Though it seems the rest of the country has had a heat wave, the Pacific Northwest has been cloudy and rainy. Big surprise, I know, but it is actually nice out here in the summer. This summer has been a bit of a blip though. Saturday the sun came out, and I knew I had to take advantage while it lasted. Edie and I got suited up for our long-standing weekend date with my friend and her dog Benny.

Strange...I can wear sunglasses in the summer again...

Just about every weekend we take the dogs on a walk or hike and then take them swimming. Edie knows exactly where we are going because about 5 blocks or so from my friend’s house she starts whining. About a quarter of a mile before the trail she starts whining again. This weekend she was in rare form since she started barking (that shrill annoying bark) before we got out of the car, and before I let her in the dog park. Apparently I didn’t open the gate quickly enough.

Edie’s boyfriend always “protects” her at the dog park. When other dogs start to chase her he can get a little crabby (even though Edie’s ultimate idea of fun is being chased so she can run as fast as possible) and will growl and nip. But he did a pretty good job and mostly did his own thing.

After a fun-filled muddy hike, it was time for a swim. I believe that swimming is the only activity Edie has never passed out from due to exhaustion. I honestly think she could swim all day. Her other favorite thing to do is leap off a dock or a rock into the water to fetch something. I swear, she should be in one of those jumping contests.


And splash!

On the way home Benny puked in the car. Of course, it was the ONE TIME I didn’t have the waterproof cover on the back seat. But it wasn’t too bad, and after you have a dog and clean up after it, it’s really not so gross. I guess it’s almost like a baby. Mom’s always say they aren’t grossed out by diapers and baby puke (although I find that really hard to believe sometimes).

When we got home I did my kettlebell routine and woke up the hub to tell him he left the garage door open all night. Luckily no one took anything. I wasn’t really mad since that is something I would definitely do, and I’m actually surprised it wasn’t me. 🙂

Then is was time for breaky. Before the hike I had whole wheat toast with some PB and banana. I REALLY wanted to make pancakes but I had a bunch of arugula left that I had to eat. I HATE wasting food.

I wilted the arugula in a pan, added one full egg and two egg whites to make a scramble. And of course, I had to add an ounce of goat cheese because goat cheese makes everything better.

Then it was time to relax in the sun and use the patio furniture we paid so much for. We actually got a great deal on it but it just seems kind of funny spending so much money on it when you are only going to use it in the summer. It was completely worth it for days like this.

Relaxing in the sun with the hub calls for good reading material, some Muscle Milk for lunch, and some lemonade with chia seeds. If you put one tablespoon of chia seeds in lemonade and let them sit for ten minutes they take on a gel-like consistency. I thought it was good and who can’t resist a little science experiment?

Dinner was a banana bread Larabar at Harry Potter. I was SO excited to finally see it. I was one of those nerds who went to the midnight book release for the last book. I even have proof.

I went home and read until I physically could not keep my eyes open any longer, which I think was about 3-4am. The movie definitely did not disappoint, and I teared up several times and had tears running down my face towards the end. Harry Potter is one of the only books-turned-movies that I am actually pleased with. I get a picture in my head of how things should be when I read a book, and HP delivered on every single movie. It’s the end of an era. 😦

Off for more fun in the sun and to cook lunched for the week!

What book do you love that was turned into a movie, and did it meet your expectations?


2 Responses to “Here comes the sun!”

  1. Lisa @ I'm an Okie July 24, 2011 at 8:32 PM #

    I would LOVE for some clouds and rain. We are at the 32nd or something crazy like that day of 100 plus degree heat. It’s killin me!

    • baybaybites July 24, 2011 at 8:36 PM #

      Oh my gosh, I would not be able to handle that. I went to Minnesota during July a few years back to visit family and I got so hot I had a heat rash all over my chest and neck. I had to sit in the shade with long sleeves and a hat the rest of the time. 😦

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