Don’t get sick!

19 Jul

There is something nasty going around and I do NOT want to get it. I’ve seen several customers with the same sore throat, clogged head, and nasty cough. One of our employees is out with it and two of them are slightly on the verge. I could swear I’m right on the cusp as well. My throat is getting a little tight and I’m exhausted. What’s a girl to do? FIGHT IT!

I took all my supplements this morning (I’ll go over that another day) and Emergen-C. I skipped my hour lunch (but still ate my snacks and lunch throughout the day) so I could leave a little early. I headed to a new grocery store everyone’s been talking about, The Market at Lakeway. I heard they have a ton of organic, local and healthy options for food. Did I mention they have 23 different varieties of salt and tons of loose leaf tea? Let’s just say, the rumors were all true! I was in love. Of course, the Hub wasn’t too happy with the amount I spent there, but I’ve set a limit of how many times I can go there per month. 🙂

I decided on chicken broth for dinner because that always seems to help. I also bought some mango kombucha.

Then I spotted something with Chai in the name so I had to buy it. 🙂 I’m saving that for another day and will let you know what I think. I’m hoping with the combo of all the good things today my body will fight off whatever is getting so many others.

Breakfast–Hard-boiled egg and the Green Smoothie (spinach, cucumber, honeydew, green tea, etc.)

Snack 1–Few handful of Trader Joe’s trail mix with wasabi peas

Snack 2–Clif Peanut Butter Builder Bar

Lunch–Chicken Orzo Salad and sandwich baggie of snap peas

Dinner–Kombucha and chicken broth

This morning I felt great so I walked the dog and headed to the garage to spin. The video above is great if you are newer to spinning and don’t have a lot of routines down. You can do the whole video or break it up. There are intervals, hills, etc. I just did the intervals today and then did a kettlebell routine from Women’s Health. Then it was off to work after I prepared a Kong for the pup.

Now it’s time to go fight off that cold in my sleep! I’ll have to watch Chopped another night. 😦


What do you do when you feel a cold coming on?


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